Syllabus for my course: Technology, Education, and Learning Institutions in 2025

I have finished compiling my syllabus for an undergraduate seminar I am teaching, and I thought I would share it. This is a syllabus for a course in which we investigate major trends influencing education, and understand how education and learning institutions are (and are not) changing with the emergence of technologies, social behaviors, and cultural expectations. The syllabus is embedded below, but you can also download it from Scribd though this link



Back in my day, the future of education was…


What is open scholarship?

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  1. I stumbled upon this page and am very glad that you did. I would love to teach a course like this some day. What a great syllabus! I am incorporating futures thinking into my undergraduate ‘tech in teaching’ class. How do get teacher ed programs to involve to include this kind of thinking about the future of HE and K-12?

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