Professor & Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Technology at Royal Roads University


From time to time, I am available for short-term and long-term consulting services pertaining to my areas of expertise, including:

  • consulting on the design of learning and training initiatives (e.g., launching a new training program within an organization, transitioning face-to-face programs to online programs)
  • consulting on the learning design of new or revised degree programs (e.g., developing a new online learning program focusing on niche audiences)
  • delivering presentations or workshops for faculty/staff/administrators focusing on my areas of expertise, including:
    • online and blended learning (e.g., developing effective and engaging online coursers)
    • social media use for research, teaching, scholarship, and knowledge mobilization (e.g., faculty use of social media)
    • pedagogical innovation (e.g., implementing social, active, and student-centered pedagogies)
    • technology-enhanced learning and teaching (e.g., faculty training, technology integration strategies)
  • conducting external program evaluation or reviews (e.g., program review, program evaluation, digital learning evaluation at the institutional level, pedagogical transformation at the institutional level).

Please inquire by emailing me at veletsianos at