It’s a new year, and I thought I’d try something new: posting a beginning-of-the-month broad and incomplete “to do” list, and revisiting it at the end of the month.

I expect this month to be one where I am going to be trying to find my new rhythms since it’s going to be my first full month at the Learning Technologies program at the University of Minnesota: This month, I plan to

  • Finalize the class I will be teaching (Foundations of Distance Education)
  • Start teaching.
  • Establish a tentative work from office/home pattern.
  • Establish a (3 x week) exercise pattern that works
  • Finalize my parts of “paper 3” which is a survey of the education futures that youth find hopeful (with Shandell)
  • Co-develop a survey instrument around education futures (with Shandell)
  • Finalize my parts of the ER paper, which is an analysis of the degree to which research is publicly available (with Josh).
  • Continue work on the special issue colleagues and I are co-editing
  • Begin work on a new online learning project (more on this soon)
  • Keep on top of all the things that need to happen during this month (webinars, trainings, admissions decisions, setting up my home and work office, connecting with people, figuring out how new workplace systems work, etc etc). I suspect that this will take up a lot of time.