Running and hurting

With the weather in Victoria finally changing, and seemingly skipping Spring straight into summer, I’m itching to run again. I was doing pretty well for a few months in the middle of winter, but I somehow managed to hurt my back. I’ve been trying to sort that out for the last five months or so and after a series of visits to massage therapy, physical therapy, and sorts/chiro therapy I feel stronger and ready to start again. I run two slow 4kms this week, and that felt good. A bit stiff still, but good. And even though I enjoyed the fall/winter running, I can’t wait for warmer temperatures. I’d take running in 85F/30C over 40F/5C any day. Here’s to hoping for continued progress.


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  1. Spencer Greenhalgh

    My back is one of the biggest obstacles to my running, so I feel your pain and am happy you’re on the mend! That said, I cannot relate at all to your temperature preferences. So long as it’s above freezing, winter bundling will always be better than summer sweating.

    • Sorry to hear this, Spencer! I only recently discovered winter running gear, and yes it took me this long to realize that they make a huge diference :)

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