New book: Learning Online and The Student Experience (now available for free)

Short version: My new book Learning Online: The Student Experience has been published ahead of schedule by Johns Hopkins University Press. The Press has made the book available online for free as part of its efforts to support COVID-19 responses. Download it here or support the press by purchasing a copy here. Disclaimer: I receive a % of the sales in royalties, but I’ll be donating them to a non-profit in my community.

Long version:The book was scheduled to be published in April/May. In the meantime, COVID-19 happened, and in early March I reached out to Johns Hopkins University Press to ask whether they would be willing to make it – or at least a portion of it – available online for free. My reasoning was that it could be of immediate benefit to faculty, administrators, and higher education leaders aiming to transition their courses from in-person to alternative formats. The press expedited the final steps of the process and I just learned that it is now available for free here. I hope you find it useful, both in these turbulent times that we find ourselves in and in future online learning efforts!

Johns Hopkins University Press must have been thinking about this much earlier than I was, as they have made thousands of their books and papers available for free in the meantime. You can support the press by purchasing a copy of my book here or by purchasing a copy of any of the books that they publish. As standard book authoring goes, I receive a percentage of book sales in royalties. I will be donating those to a non-profit in my community.

I hope people read and enjoy the book, and I will gladly talk to anyone about it. Whether you’re teaching a class on the topic or are a higher education leader trying to make decisions about online learning at your institution, I’m happy to talk with you.


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  1. Jim Stauffer

    Thanks George for your contribution to the firehose of excellent resources for #pivotOnline

  2. Thanks George for this very timely publication. I have no doubt it will be very useful to educators and learners globally.

  3. Jerome Terpase Dooga

    Thanks George for this bold and unselfish initiative. I’m confident that your returns and those if the publishers will far exceed the sacrifice made, eventually.

  4. Wow, it should be great to have this book.

    Can’t wait reading the book. It will be very applicable for me as a professor in Universitas Terbuka (Indonesia Open University).

  5. Prof Santosh Panda

    Excellent work and very generous step to make it free. Cudos to both Geroge and JHU for this step. Great source for learning community.

  6. Som Naidu

    Congratulations George! I have skimmed through much of this and promise to return. I love the narrative and the easy to read conversational style!! Simply great!

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