Networked Scholars syndication hub: Live

STS-131 Discovery Launch

The Networked Scholars course starts in two weeks, on October 20th, with 2 options for participation.

1. Through the Canvas Network.

2. Through personal blogs and twitter accounts, syndicated, via the…. drumroll…. Networked Scholars Syndication hub. With special thanks to Alan Levine who has been helping a number of people implement this design, all readings and activities will be publicly-available, and this site syndicates blog/twitter feeds used as discussion/reflection spaces. The official Twitter hashtag for the course is #scholar14. If you are interested in this option, feel free to head over to the syndication hub, and connect your blog to the site!

Image: STS-131 Discovery Launch


Open, Social, Networked scholarship panel at social media and society conference


Networked Scholars course (#scholar14) starting on Monday, October 20th


  1. Hello everybody, looking forward to learning together. Not sure where this message will be shown. I will be blogging about my experience. Started a mini study group with Mina, Frances and Len using Google circles. We will see if this works.


  2. Hi all, trying again. Looking forward to learning together from Monday ;)


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