Introduction to Instructional Design: Videos

During the Fall semesters, I teach a course on the foundations of Instructional Design for our MA and PhD students. Two years ago, I shared my syllabus. Last year, I shared one of my favorite activities, in which I ask students to create a digital story comparing two instructional design models. This activity is part of the AECT open content portal, where you can find additional learning objects for educational technology courses.

I am now in the process of redesigning my course to be taught online in the Fall, and I thought I’d share three of the videos that I will be using in case others find them of interest.

The first video describes IDEO’s design process and is intended to introduce students to design thinking:


I use this second video as a discussion prompt for cognitive theories of learning.


And this third one is an instructional video from 1927 that I use to initiate a conversation about efficiency and effectiveness in designing learning materials (and, as a bonus, one from 1937)


Technology, Education, and Learning Institutions in 2025


The purpose of a MOOC? Google and societal well-being


  1. Evrim

    George, thanks for sharing the information. I am forwarding these to some of my colleagues who asked some advice on some of the seminal readings in ID. I will be teaching the Theories of Instruction course this semester which will cover some of the content on learning theories. I will be happy to share the content of that course with you once I finalize the syllabus.

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