Emerging Technologies book downloads: One year later

In July of 2010, I published Emerging Technologies in Distance Education with Athabasca University Press. The book was published in print and e-book format. In the spirit of openness I am sharing the book’s download statistics, as culled from the AU Press site below. If you can’t see the spreadsheet below, you can access it here.

A number of chapters have been included in course syllabi which helped increase their readership. Last time I checked, the book or chapters of it had been used in the following courses:

  • EDTECH 597: Social Network Learning from Boise State University (Fall, 2010)
  • EDU 7271: Information and Communication: Social and Conventional Networks from Northeastern University (Spring 2011)
  • EDU 6407: Essentials of Multimedia for Distance Learning from Northeastern University (Spring 2011)
  • PLENK 2010: Personal Learning Environments Networks and Knowledge. A collaborative Open Course offered from Athabasca University and the University of Prince Edward Island (Fall, 2010)
  • OLIT 538: E-learning Course Design from the University of New Mexico (Fall, 2010)
  • EDUC60602: Teaching and Learning with Emerging Technologies from the University of Manchester, UK (Spring 2011)
[Side note: If you are using the book or chapters of it in courses that are not listed above, I’d love to hear about it!]

Chapter 6 (pdf) by Alec Couros was included in the PLENK 2010: Personal Learning Environments Networks, and with the large number of participants has shot to the number 1 most-read chapter in the book. Congrats, Alec!

Chapter 1 was the chapter that I wrote, and sought to define emerging technologies and pedagogies (pdf). This was the second most downloaded chapter in the book.

Thank you for downloading the book (or parts of it) and I hope it has helped you in your educational endeavors!


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  1. Chris Weeks

    Found you via my Drexel University Researching & Evaluating Emerging Technologies course. We are reading & discussing Ch 7.

    I downloaded the whole book :)

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