CC licensed photo by Magic Madzik

This summer has gone by faster than I hoped it would! Highlights included:

  • work and pleasure trips lasting a few days in Lund (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Frankfurt (Germany), Larnaca (Cyprus),
  • three days of fun and productivity in Madison, WI for the 26th annual Distance Teaching & Learning conference
  • the release of Emerging Technologies in Distance Education
  • my summer course taught online via ELGG (which seems to have been received extremely well)
  • an interview with Mark Parry at the Chronicle of Higher Education on social and participatory online learning
  • and writing a paper with Royce Kimmons, one of our PhD students (information on this coming shortly…)

I am however looking forward to the Fall semester (which starts on Wednesday). Our new students have arrived and I am teaching the introduction to instructional design class that they are taking – I’m very excited about that class and look forward to working with brilliant minds to pursue learning innovations! The fall semester promises to be a busy one though as I am  presenting at 2 conferences, giving keynotes at 2 other ones,  and launching an adventure learning project in the Sociology department…. while working on a couple research papers.

How’s that for a 4-month summary update?! More detailed posts will follow, but, for now, you can’t complain that I haven’t kept you updated :).