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I’m very excited to announce my Spring 2010 course, EDC385G (Current Issues in Instructional Technology: Online Learning in the Participatory Age). Students enrolled in this course will study the research and application of participatory technologies for online learning. Given the topic of the course, and the breadth of expertise the exists in the various professional networks that I belong, I thought I’d ask for your help to improve this class.

Here’s your chance: Hack my syllabus! Take it apart, suggest readings, activities, additions, subtractions, whatever you may think will help. Your suggestions will not only improve these students’ learning experience, but will serve as a model example of how the network can help us improve practice. My weekly topic list is posted on digress.it, allowing you to comment on each paragraph rather than on the document as a whole.

I am looking forward to your suggestions! [edit: Please note that ALL readings should be freely and publicly available]


Another student dissertation


Conversational Agents & Natural Language Interaction CFP

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  1. Hi George, I came across your syllabus on a Google search, believe it or not. Thanks for including my article in your tentative collection of readings. Looks like a really fun course that we could use in our own program! I’ll be following your work, keep seeing your name come up lately, we must be going down similar paths…good luck!

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