I led an online workshop/conversation on AI for ~200 faculty at three colleges/universities who came together today to learn about the topic. It centered on the following questions. I am sharing them here for the benefit of others, but also to ask: Are there other curiosities that you are seeing locally? (Yes, I know that the most recent EDUCAUSE poll highlights cheating as a top concern, though I’m not certain it ought to be)

  • How can (should??) I use AI for the benefit of my students’ learning?
  • Is ChatGPT really the disruptor it seems to be?
  • ChatGPT (AI) and authentic assessment – can these co-exist?
  • Neither I nor my students are as tech-savvy as it is often assumed we are. How do we keep up with innovations like ChatGPT, whether they be ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and how do we learn when to embrace them or ignore them?
  • Is ChatGPT (or other AI) a blessing or a curse for higher education?