I have a new statement on generative AI in the class that I am teaching this semester. I like Ryan Baker’s statement from last year due to its permissive nature, and so I build upon it by adding some more specific guidance for my students to clarify expectations. I  came up with what you see below. As always, feel free to use as you see fit:

Artificial Intelligence Course Policy

Within this class, you are welcome to use generative AI models (e.g., ChatGPT,  microsoft copilot, etc) in your assignments at no penalty. However, you should note that when the activity asks you to reflect, my expectation is that you, rather than the AI, will be doing the reflection. In other words, prior to using AI tools, you should determine for what purpose you will be using it. For instance, you might ask it for help in critiquing your ideas or in generating additional ideas, or editing, but not in completing assignments on your behalf.   You should also be aware that all generative AI models have a tendency to make up incorrect facts and fake citations, leading to inaccurate (and sometimes offensive) output. You will be responsible for any inaccurate, biased, offensive, or otherwise unethical content you submit regardless of whether it originally comes from you or an AI model. For each assignment you use an AI model, you need to submit a document that shows (a) the prompts you used, (b) the output the AI model produced, (c) how you used that output, and (d) what your original contributions and edits were to the AI output that led to your final submission. Language editing is not an original contribution. An original contribution is one that showcases your critical and inquiry thinking skills and abilities beyond and above what the AI tools have generated. To summarize: if you use a generative AI model, you need to submit an accompanying document that shows the contribution of the model as well as your original contribution, explaining to me how you contributed significant work over and above what the model provided. You will be penalized for using AI tools without acknowledgement. The university’s policy on scholastic dishonesty still applies to any uncited or improperly cited use of work by other human beings, or submission of work by other human beings as your own.