On Wednesday, my work day started at 8. That’s how it starts, every day (well, except on those days that it starts at 5, like today). And then it went like this:

  • Empirical Educator Project summit 8-9 (in Engageli)
  • Team meeting: Education for Misinformation project 9-10 (in Bluejeans)
  • Break & email 10-1030
  • OTESSA board meeting 10:30-11:30 (Zoom)
  • Research grants budget overview/planning meeting 11:30-12:00 (Teams)

I imagine the above meeting-after-meeting rings true for many of you, as well. My days weren’t like this in the before times, especially the “what platform am I supposed to be in for this meeting now?” feeling.

But I did get to spend some time in the afternoon working on an education simulation in the form of narrative fiction that the misinfromation team is developing (Chandell Gosse, Shandell Houlden, Jaigris Hodson).

We’re working with Twine, and there’s lots to appreciate about that tool. For example, because it generates an html file and works on the browser- rather than the server-side, you can  download/import other people’s projects, and explore their storylines. A while back I imported Hana Feels (TW: self-harm) and September 7, 2020 (a student learning in the pandemic), tinkering with the structure and seeing how it may work for our own project. It would have been incredibly hepful to know this earlier, but I didn’t figure it out until after we created our first simulation. That one aimed at helping people understand the experience of a faculty member facing online harassment.