This year I was involved in the development and writing of the 2020 Horizon Report organized by Educause. In its first year since its redesign (now focused on trends rather than technologies), I was asked to write a section of the report focusing on implications for Canadian Higher Education. You can read a pdf version of my section here. It centers on the following argument:

…there is an urgent and pressing need to invest in professional learning and development of current faculty, near-future faculty (i.e., graduate students), and senior leaders in the use of digital technology in education.

You can access the 2020 report here:

Brown, M., McCormack, M., Reeves, J., Brook, D.C., Grajek, S., Alexander, B., Bali, M., Bulger, S., Dark, S., Engelbert, N., Gannon, K., Gauthier, A., Gibson, D., Gibson, R., Lundin, B., Veletsianos, G. & Weber, N. (2020). 2020 Educause Horizon Report Teaching and Learning Edition. Louisville, CO: EDUCAUSE. Retrieved March 10, 2020 fromĀ