On hometowns and sharing

I am fascinated by how people come together on the web to share stories of their lives, trips, experiences, childhood, parents, and so on, especially when these stories share commonalities. One such activity that has been making the rounds lately is what social studies teachers would call sense of place: sharing details about unique geographic places. Ze Frank, Stephen Downes, Dean Shareski, and others have created digital stories about the places they grew up, capturing not just the locations, but also some of the deep emotions that go with their hometowns. Click on the image below to see mine, which, admittedly, was done pretty quickly and without much detail… I bring you the town of Larnaca in Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean sea.


Learning from your students


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  1. Thanks for sharing George. I love to hear folks from other places share their stories. Easy to see similarities and differences. I also liked how you managed to share without the streetview. While it’s certainly more visual, not everyone has that access. I was hoping to have my undergrads try this and realized that not all will have streetview or even decent satellite imagery but am glad you gave it a go anyway.

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