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Two videos: one of alienation, one of connection

Posted on May 14th, by George Veletsianos in sharing. 6 comments

Last week, the “Look Up” video went viral. In the words of the Sydney Morning Herald, it’s a video urging people “to take a break from their online lives to experience real connections.”

This week, the “CNA – Speaking Exchange” video is being shared. It’s a video connecting Brazilian students wanting to improve their English language skills with seniors in the United States living in retirement homes (it reminds me of Sugatra Mitra’s Skype Granny project)


6 thoughts on “Two videos: one of alienation, one of connection

  1. To me, both videos simply ask people to use the tools they have a little better than they do. I’m with Kelly to some extent. There’s a lot to be said for teaching digital natives to use the tools better than they do now, or better yet, see through the tools to the affordances you need to accomplish what you want so you simply pick better tools.

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