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Salman Khan on Reddit

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Reddit is one of the communities that I follow for professional and personal purposes. For professional purposes specifically, it serves as a site for my online ethnography on networked participatory scholarship and digital scholarship. As part of that work, I am trying to make sense of the meaning of open digital participation for learning, teaching, scholarship, and education. One of the most informative and enjoyable aspects of Reddit is the IAmA subreddit in which individuals with interesting stories answer user questions. For example, one individual shared intimate details of his/her work and experiences with for-profit education, and another discusses teaching high school science and the misconceptions surrounding the teaching profession. The other day, Salman Khan (of Khan Academy) answered questions on the site, and I thought some of you might be interested in reading the Q&A, not just for Khan’s answers but also for the types of questions that were being asked. Though my vision of education differs from Khan’s vision of education, I appreciate that numerous students and teachers have found value in his efforts and I welcome any initiative that opens up conversations about what the future of education should look like. In any event, here is the Q&A with Salman Khan.

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Student Publications from UT Austin

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Congratulations are in order for two students enrolled in our Instructional Technology program who recently published their work in peer-reviewed journals:

Royce Kimmons has published his paper, Understanding Collaboration in Wikipedia, in First Monday.

Michael Anderson has published his paper, Crowdsourcing Higher Education: A Design Proposal for Distributed Learning, in the Journal of Online Learning and Teaching.

Keep up the good work Royce and Michael!