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A year of travel

Posted on August 2nd, by George Veletsianos in sharing. No Comments

It was about 1 year ago that I moved from Minneapolis to Manchester, UK. In the past 11 months, somehow, I have managed to travel internationally every single month, either for work or for short personal trips. To keep myself reminded that this is possible and that I would like to keep up, I am posting a list of locations visited over the last 11 months :) (I have pictures from each location, but after my computer meltdown, I am waiting for my copy of photoshop to arrive to edit pictures from my last trip):

July 2008: Minneapolis, Manchester
August 2008: Minneapolis, Manchester
September 2008: Cyprus
October 2008: Czech Republic, Germany
November 2008: Czech Republic, Germany
December 2008: Cyprus, US
January 2009: US
February 2009: US
March 2009: Cyprus
April 2008: US
May 2009: Portugal, Sweden
June 2009: US
July 2009: US

(and another realization – it seems that i’ve traveled in the US way way too much. That’s probably true, but it involves both personal and professional [i.e. conferences] travel)

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