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Asking the personal network for definitions

Posted on December 20th, by George Veletsianos in Ideas. No Comments

I was really happy to see Alec’s attempt to discover a definition of the term Personal Learning Network. Not only I consider such attempts to be valid forms of inquiring and researching a topic (see my attempt to discover a definition of the term Emerging Technologies), but I am uber excited that Alec had such a great response from his colleagues!

I should be doing something else…

Posted on December 10th, by George Veletsianos in Ideas. 1 Comment

but instead I am blogging. I just got news that a proposal for a book project we have been playing with has been submitted. This is not the emerging technologies book – this is a whole new project that takes a more creative and “unorthodox” way to teaching and learning. I hope to be able to share more within the next month or so, once we hear back from the publisher. So far it looks promising as the published we pitched it to really liked our idea and the person we approached to write the foreword was positive. I’ll keep you updated, but it probably won’t happen until next year :)